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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Family!! ~Pictures~

I realize this is a photo-heavy post, but I wanted to share the fun and joy of my family's visit this week!

Hubby, my sister and our cousin (who was our flowergirl)

Djengo, my aunt and uncle's new (adorable!) puppy

Sooooo sweet!

Father and son- my dad and grandpa

my family!

grandpa with his birthday presents- golfing things

Sisters!  My mom and my dad's sister.

My brother and the puppy.

Cousins.  Just playing.  :)

my beautiful mom :)

my aunt and uncle (they have the puppy and another yellow lab)

getting ready to take a family picture

my sister and me!

My husband and my dad: the two most amazing men I know.

my brother and me!  this is a monumental moment.  :)

my mom and my sister.  <3

So there's some highlights from this last week.  I was thrilled to have my family here, and I'm going to miss them so much.  But I'm so very blessed to live with the most incredible man alive: my wonderful husband!

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  1. Don't you love family? Even when mine gets on my nerves, I'm always sad when they're gone. Thanks for all your sweet words over my way, you're so encouraging!

  2. I sure do! :) And of course. You're very welcome. :)

  3. So glad you had that time together, Jaimie! I clearly remember our families' first visits after we were married (and living in Florida). It was so special! I know your parents must have been thrilled to see the home you've made!

  4. Thanks, Nikki! It was REALLY special. Mom and I were just talking about how it was kind of the end of all the "wedding stuff"--kind of one last thread cut that had been tying me to home. Now I have a new home!

  5. Jaimie I'm so glad you linked up. It was so great to meet the family so to speak and YOU, and that puppy. My goona HE is cute! I bet he's HUGE by now. Great pictures, I look forward to reading more here in the future, happy to be your newest follower. Happy Friday!!


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