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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

more pretty backgrounds!

I compare changing my blog's background, fonts and color to changing my hairstyle or the way I dress.  It's still me, it's just a different, new way of expressing myself.  I've been experimenting with doing my hair up--I used to have an aversion to bobby pins, and now I'm liking what I can do with them.  So, this pretty, girly, pink design is just another version of me.  :)

Also, here are a few shots of the hairstyles I've been experimenting with.  Joanna Goddard's blog provided the inspiration, and I took it from there.  :)

I made a low ponytail and then loosened it a bit.  I twisted the hair, and tucked it above the ponytail holder, rolling as I went to get it all stuffed in.  Bobby pins throughout to hold it all in place!


  1. thank you to both of you!! :) Stacie, your blog is so fun :)

  2. ooooooo! i like this! show me. :)


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