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Monday, July 18, 2011

Joining the Ranks

My dad's side of the family is gathering this week for my grandpa's 75th birthday.  There's sixteen of us: my grandparents, my parents and sibs, four aunts and uncles and four cousins (plus three dogs!).  I took my mom, aunts and grandma over to our apartment so they could see it.  I was so proud to show them our home.  It's kind of funny to think that I'm among the married women now.  I'm the oldest of my cousins, and there is only one other girl besides my sister.  So I've spent most family get-togethers with my mom, aunts and grandma.  But now I'm married; my oldest cousin said "Hi, Mrs. Ramsey," when they got here today.

My mom and I had a discussion about marriage earlier today--and it hit me that that's something else we have in common now!!  Granted, she's been married nearly 25 years and I've been married for just about seven weeks. But we can relate to each other even more now.

I'm so thankful for the role models I have in my family of Godly wives: women who honor their husbands and, in doing so, honor God.  It makes me so proud to be counted among them now.


  1. have fun with your family this week!! you're right... once your married, it's like joining a whole other club:)

  2. Thanks Julia and Rachel! It's been a great week, and it's not over yet! :)


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