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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July- Modeling! :)

I was (almost) a "Fourth of July Baby"--born on July 3.  I've always loved the holiday.  I love being American, being outside, fresh summer food, being with family and friends, and fireworks!!  I also really like how I look in the color combination of red, white and blue.  My lovely friend Bethie gave me some fashion tips last semester, and this outfit is inspired by some of those ideas.  My kitchen happens to be painted blue and the table is in the living room at the moment because we had a guest for dinner.  I just set the camera on the counter! :)  My favorite picture is the second.

Shorts-cutoffs from an old pair of jeans I got at Kohl's in about seventh grade.  (Seven or eight years ago!)
White top- actually a skirt pulled up to make a tube top, from Old Navy!
Red button-up sleeveless blouse- Sonoma.  Got it at a second-hand shop years ago.  :)

So here's me having fun. :D

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