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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning House, Serving God

I think this logical progression makes sense (if it's not very scientific):

All things belong to God.
Our house and everything in it are things.
Therefore, our house and everything in it belong to God.
God's possessions should be treated well, not wasted, and taken care of.
Therefore, I should be a good steward with my house and everything in it, because it is all God's.
Therefore, taking care of my house is serving God because it is taking care of things that are his.

Sometimes, I'll be honest, doing dishes and cleaning the toilet don't feel very spiritual.  But even dishes and toilets belong to God, and taking care of them is also beneficial for the upkeep of our physical bodies!  In the same way, dusting, mopping, and tidying up are all good for our physical well-being and are good stewardship of the things God has given us.

Also, having a clean house is good for my and my husband's spirits, our emotional health.  Going into the bedroom and seeing it clutter-free, bed made, floor vacuumed, makes me smile!  (Especially because I REALLY try to keep our bedroom a sanctuary, free from the chaos that sometimes takes over the rest of the house.)

Because we like having friends and family come visit, having the house clean and in order is a silent witness to the fact that we're taking care of what God has given us.  It also creates a relaxing, homey, comfortable place for our friends and family to be, thereby blessing them also.

Taking care of my home and making delicious, healthful (usually) meals for myself and my husband is also fulfilling my God-given vocation of homemaker.  (That also partially fulfills my primary vocation of "wife" but there are other things that are part of that vocation!)

I like to bless my husband.  Having a yummy, attractive meal on the table when he comes home to a clean, organized house makes it easier for him to relax and gives us more time to be together.  It also makes me more apt to spend time with him because I've gotten housework done while he was at work.

However, I've been learning to quiet my inner neat freak and put aside dishes or bedmaking to spend time with my hubby when he IS home, because time with him is far more precious than a clean kitchen.  It's all about priorities.  :)

Now writing this, I feel like doing one of two things: finishing the dishes, or inviting my husband to play a game.  I think I'll choose the latter.  :)


  1. Precious girl ... I'm so proud of the way you are serving your Lord, your husband and others ... So thankful that you are seeking ways to bless Joshua ... thankful for the blessing your home is to you and him. I hold you in daily thought and prayer. I love you, Jaimie!

  2. Thank you Mom. <3 I love you too!

  3. this post is really inspiring! i needed to read this today. thank you!! (found you through We Encourage Tuesdays... I'd love it if you came over to my blog, too!) blessings, lora :)

  4. I love this post. Sometimes it is hard to be encouraged while doing the many daily tasks in my life. This post is encouraging because it reminds me that everything I do as a wife and mother are important, even cleaning the toilets lol :)

    1. Hi Aimee! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm no longer active on this blog (although I do get email notifications of comments, which is why I noticed yours :) ). Please visit my new site,, and find me on Facebook at Jaimie E Ramsey! Thanks :)


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