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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Blessings of Six Weeks of Marriage

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I am so thankful for and so in love with my husband!!  Just a few of the ways I've been blessed by him and by being married to him:

He makes me laugh.  And smile.
He will cook meals for me...without being asked!
His hugs make me feel so safe, secure and loved.
He works hard to provide for us (through God's goodness and providence).
He surprises me with sweets, flowers, and date nights.
He and I sing along to the radio together--country and Christian music.
He sings to me.  I love his voice.
He appreciates my cooking, and lets me know.
He tells me how special I am, and how much he appreciates what I do at home.
He always gives me a kiss the minute he comes home.
He makes it a priority for us to pray together and read the Bible together every day.
He is THE most attractive man I know.  (He even goes around shirtless! :) )

Through Hubby's and my being married, God is...
Helping me become more selfless.
Helping me learn how to love more freely.
Opening my eyes to my own faults and helping me become more Christlike.
Teaching me how to love the way Christ loves--unconditionally.
Helping me learn to be more patient and understanding.
Giving me opportunities to expand my cooking and housekeeping skills.
Giving me opportunity to express hospitality to family and friends.
Giving me the greatest comfort of my life in my husband.
Giving me my best (earthly) friend.

I am blessed beyond measure.  God is so good!!

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