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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Undeserved Grace

This is my husband.
Saying that still makes me go Whoa.  We're really married.  I guess we've only been married three and a half weeks, but it still hits me every now and then just how amazing it is.

Circumstances the last few days have provided my husband opportunity to show me how amazing he is.  He doesn't go around saying, "Hey, hon, look how great I am."  Quite the contrary.  He's been humbly serving me, caring for me, doing dishes without being asked, cooking for me even (which is a great change of pace! :) ), all without looking for praise or reward.  (Oh, and he brought me flowers.  They're gorgeous.)  He is so very good to me.

When we were dating, sometimes when one of us would do something to hurt the other and be forgiven, the one doing the hurting would say "I don't deserve you."  We would then remind each other and ourselves that our relationship, our love, has nothing to do with deserving.  One such occasion when this happened, I played a song by Don Wharton entitled "Saved By Grace."  We had the honor of Don singing at our wedding, and he in fact sang this song.  The refrain goes,
"I've been saved by grace,
saved by grace.
Despite my faults, grace still calls me a winner just the same.
I'll never be worthy of
this kind of faith and love.
But I will still thank God each time I pray
that I've been saved by grace."

The bridge reads,
"Only a fool believes
He can earn the love that he receives.
But one who's wise
Will daily rise
To recognize
I've been saved by grace..."

The love God has for us is entirely undeserved.  The love he has given us for each other is also entirely undeserved.  God has blessed my husband and me with each other not because we deserve it at all.  We don't deserve what Christ has done for us.  Nor do we deserve the blessings God pours out on us every day. He does it all out of love.  My husband loves me not because I deserve it, but because I am his wife and he pledged to love me for the rest of our lives, no matter what.  I am God's child and because he made me he loves me, for eternity, no matter what.

All I can do is "thank God each time I pray, that I've been saved by grace."

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  1. There is such a burden lifted when I stop trying to "earn" my keep. It frees me up to do His good work, which is entirely composed of devotion rather than duty.

    This will be a lifelong lesson for me, I'm sure. We live in a culture that admires "earning" and promotes "being good" as a way to justify our value as human beings. We don't give ourselves value. God does. Anything I've earned has been a gift from Him. I'm preaching to the choir here. :)


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