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Monday, June 27, 2011

Making things and making a home

A friend gave me some plant slips to transplant.  I have them in water to start the roots coming until I can get some potting soil and a couple small pots.  I love growing things!

The same friend gave me mulberries off her tree.  I took a cue from her and made muffins.  They turned out WONDERFUL.  (Thank you Lisa!)  Also in this picture is my butter dish that I really like, my Betty Crocker cookbook that I couldn't do without, the sweet glass cutting board from Et Cetera (with Bible verses on it, no less!), ground beef defrosting about four hours before I needed it, for once (meatballs), and on the far left in the corner are three pretty dishcloths that Lisa crocheted for me.

I've always been awed by yeast.  Tiny little organisms, that given the right conditions grow and grow until they puff up a loaf of bread.  Jesus knew what he was doing when he used yeast as a parable illustration!

Ah, there's the muffins again.  Closeup this time.

Oatmeal bread in progress!  My mom often made it when I was younger.

I love kneading.

I also love my hand-embroidered floursack towels.  I think that one is from Mrs. Ford.

 I made oatmeal cookies for the first time the other day.  They turned out REALLY GOOD if I do say so myself (and my husband agreed :) ).

We had friends over from our church (the one Hubby's dad is pastor at) to go see Cars 2 and then play games and consume the above-pictured cookies.  I love having people over, feeding them, entertaining them, and just visiting with them.

So, some more of my cooking and homemaking projects as of late!!  I'm really loving this life.  We're so very blessed!!!


  1. Thank you for spending some of your day with us! I'm so thrilled to see how you put everything immediately to use! I need that muffin recipe!

    God bless your home and all you are bringing to it by listening carefully to His wisdom!


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