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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Couple that Laughs Together

Hubby has introduced me to a lot of fun things that I never would have gotten into otherwise.  Smallville, for one thing.  I've never been into any TV series, but this one is addicting and I love it.  This year ended the 10th and final season, so now we're starting with season 1 online so I can watch them all.  :)

Another thing we both enjoy is watching DVD's of Thou Shalt Laugh, a Christian comedy presentation.  One of the comedians is Thor Ramsey, who happens to share our last name and I'm proud of it: he's hilarious.  My favorite is Taylor Mason, the ventriloquist.  He's hysterical, and his puppets are even more so.  We just watched my favorite video of Paquito, the little piggy puppet.  So there's the video.  Paquito is too cute for words: you'll understand.

And if you want more, here's Paco, the bigger piggy puppet:

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