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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life is Changing

I could make a lot of excuses for why I haven't blogged lately: it's been gorgeous out, I've been busy packing and moving and working and writing papers...all of that is true.  But I haven't been in the Word lately, either--no good excuse for that!

I think I posted recently about all the changes happening in life, but it's really started to hit me.  We moved furniture into our new apartment yesterday, with the help of two friends with pick-up trucks.  The man is moving in this weekend; I'm staying w/ my grandparents here in town till we go to a relative's wedding next weekend, and then I will be back with my parents and sibs.  Then two weeks later I'll be married and moving back here!  As a wife!

It's all happening SO FAST.  As I pack I realize this is the last time I'll have to move out of a dorm room.  Tonight is my last night sleeping in a dorm room, with a roommate who's a girl and who isn't my sister!  She and I will share a room for two precious weeks when I get home, and then I will be a married woman living with my husband.

I can hardly wait.  I know that the transition might be kind of hard to get used to at first, but I'm SO ready to be married and independent!!!

God continues to be absolutely faithful.  I get to work six more days before I leave town and our car is now working with just a new battery.  I'm not nervous about the wedding at all: just excited!

I feel very confidently that God has prepared us in exactly the right way for this new chapter in our lives, both my man's and mine.  He is all-wise, all-loving, and omnicient: no wonder God knows best and does everything for our good! :)

I'd love to write more, but there is still packing and cleaning to be done.  More to come!

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