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Monday, January 10, 2011

White as Snow

I was busy yesterday, all day- no time to post.  (But it was Sunday, so I went to church and Bible study!)

I will read Scripture and post this afternoon.  But this morning, it is so incredibly beautiful outside with all the SNOW!  (I will post some pictures this afternoon.)  Forty-eight hours ago, the Nebraska landscape was beautiful, but sad and dead-looking at the same time.  Now all the gray and brown outside is clean, pure, crisp white- and it's still snowing!

It's a lovely reminder of what Christ has done for us through his death and resurrection.  I was created by God, but in my sinfulness I would be sad and dead--but because Christ has lived, died and risen for me, and thus granted me his forgiveness, I am washed clean!  He has covered me with his pure and righteous blood, and God no longer looks on my sinfulness, but Christ's righteousness.  The most wonderful part is that the forgiveness keeps coming, not like the snow which will end in a few days or less, but I am daily forgiven and renewed by the love of Jesus.

Praise be to God for his mercy, grace and forgiveness!

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