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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vocation: God at Work in Me

With ten minutes till my next class, I just wanted to post part of what we discussed in my last class, Faith and Life.  We're reading the book "God at Work" by Gene Edward Vieth, and discussing what vocation means for us.

To me, vocation is the gifts, responsibilities, and roles that God has given me in order that he might accomplish his purposes through me.  Those could be the gifts of writing and encouragement, the responsibilites of student and employee, and the roles of fiance, daughter, and friend.  In all of these, God works through me to bless others.  And in the same way, I am blessed through others' vocations.

A vocation is a means by which God is glorified through me.  There are as many vocations as there are people, really, and that's part of how Christians are the body of Christ.  One could use the analogy of a machine or a body to envision how each member has their own unique role and job, and they all work together to accomplish God's purposes.  As members of the body, I can't do the same things everyone else can, and others can't do all the things I can.  But we are each called to do our part as well as we can, by God's grace, and through us his work is done.

For my life, this means doing the best I can at everything to glorify God.  I work hard at my studies, I am a good worker at my job, I live my roles as fiance, daughter, sister and friend the best I can.  But the wonderful thing about that is, even when I sin and don't do as well as I could, God can still work through me.  God's purposes being accomplished doesn't depend on my doing everything perfectly.  God can work through me despite me.  It reminds me, again, of Romans 8:28: God works ALL things out for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.  (The word "vocation", incidentally, comes from the Latin word "vocatio" which means "calling".)  Even when Satan tries his hardest to accomplish his purposes, God can work through that and use even bad things to accomplish great good.  Even though I am a sinful being, God is not bound my humanity and uses me for his work, by his grace.

Today, I am going to remember that I am a called child of God, and I have the honor of serving him through all my vocations, and that God works through me no matter what.

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  1. It's a great book, isn't it? We read it at Trinity's adult Bible Class awhile ago. A great choice of a book for your stage of life! certainly seems you are 'getting it'.


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